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About Circular Economy and Sustainable Development

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

A large number of plastic products found in whale belly in some countries. There are many facts and figures tell us that human has thrown too much waste to the ocean. However, in some developing countries, people still cannot realize it is a serious issue.

As we all know that there are seven types of plastics. Most of the plastic has been throwing away into the ocean was used for food packages. For example, PET, PP, and PS. If food remains inside, fish may swallow these plastics. When humans treat fish as food, they are digesting these toxic substances on their own. Plastic needs one hundred and ninety years to be disposed of by nature. How can fishes and humans survive by eating these toxic products? I think the first that we need to do is change people's behave and consume style. Material producers and product manufacturers always make what people want, so that they can get more profits. We cannot force them to change, but once people’s awareness has been changed they will follow consumers’ steps.

Cillian Lohan’s Ted talk said “All other species adapt to their environment, adapt to their habitat and change in order to fit into that. But with us as a species, we actually change our environment and our habitats so that it suits us better.” We destroy our planet for convenience and did not think about our next generation. We take the raw material from the earth, then make the products from the manufacturer and after use several times the waste appears. If the recycle can be circular in the produce part, people continue to use secondary raw material that is the best way, for now, to stop making more toxic products. “Not owning things, become user, just use the service.”

The reason why I interested in this topic is that I live beside the sea. However, it is not as beautiful as I thought. After I visit north Europe, I realize that the ocean can be clean and blue. Also, there was a natural phenomenon really make me moved, it call whale fall. When a whale’s death body fall into the seafloor, it can provide a new ecosystem for all organism in more than ten years. They born in nature and disappear by nature. To make itself fit into the ecosystem and breed many other creatures. Not like humans, just for ourselves to create many toxic products for convenience.

When I doing the research about the circular economy, I found many people mention about the Take-Make-Dispose Model. It is a linear model and now we want to create a circle model to continue the ecosystem. So eco-design is popular right now. However, because of technical restrictions or budget costs, it becomes difficult. I hope to find potential development possibilities in future research.

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