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​Dear Furni


About the Event

Dear Furni

This is an event that encourages everyone to repair or redesign the furniture by themselves, in order to extend the life of the furniture.
You can bring damaged furniture or furniture you want to redesign to this event. Here, the staff will share repair or design skills and provide corresponding tools.


After the repair or redesign is over, you can exchange your furniture with other participants, or donate it to the event organizer, or of course, you can take it home. The staff will assist throughout to ensure the safety of the furniture.
The event will last three days, and the fare will be priced after the organization negotiates, including all the expenses required for the event.


In this event, you can invite your friends and family together to learn skills and be creative. we hope you will have a pleasant experience.

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Rebuild your own Furniture

Dear Furni
An event for people to repair and redesign old furniture
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